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Lois Hole Hospital for Women


  • Harvest Celebration Event Collateral (2011, 2012, 2014, 2019)

  • Healing Garden Opening Invite

  • Lois Hole Hospital Opening Invite

  • Lois Hole Hospital Opening Guide

  • Baby n' Me Guided Journal

  • High Tea Banner


Lois Hole Hospital for Women is one of the newer hospital facilities within Edmonton, Alberta, and one that embodies the spirit of their name-sake, Lois Hole. When the hospital initial opened, I worked together to develop the creative for the opening invitation and hospital guide that would be featured. 


The Lois Hole Harvest Celebration has become an annual tradition to celebrate the fall season and to fundraise for the hospital. Each year, the invitation is reinvented based on the tone the organizers are looking to capture, and what the aesthetic of the venue will look like that year. 

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