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my design process.

Consultation: getting to know you.

To get you to the place that you are ready to hand over the reigns and trust that in a few weeks, you’re going to see the unveiling of your beautiful brand, you and I will meet so that I can get a true understanding of your needs, the secret dreams that you have for your brand, and how I fit into the puzzle.


Whether an established company or a new business just starting out, I will get to know you and your brand so that I can help you reach your goals in a smooth and successful manner.


I will lead our “getting to know you” meeting, where I will ask you thoughtful questions and dig into what your brand aesthetic is / will be and find out exactly what you’re looking for.


All of this information helps me shape what the visual personality of the brand will be and ensure it effectively communicates your impact, all while you get to sit back and know that you have a trusted professional on your team.

a Brand.

Creating your brand from start to finish.

After the initial consultation for a brand, I develop concepts that are tailored to each client and brand. No two logo concepts I create are the same. Every client is different and their brands should be too.


Good design takes time and comes from a place of authenticity and soul.

I want you to see your brand and say “yes. This is it. This is me.” and for you to feel settled in your guts that your brand demonstrates everything you want it to.


I’m not the FEDEx of design - if you’re looking for a logo in 72 hours, it’s not going to be from me.


This process takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish and the final product is going to be something you’re excited to share with the world.

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