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Kristin Gibson is a graphic designer who specializes in branding, print, and packaging design. Kristin does her best work with clients who want…

  • a cohesive brand across all platforms,

  • a brand that stands the test of time (your visuals won’t look dated in a few months), and

  • to work with a professional with nearly 20 years experience.

Kristin helps to create the visual voice of a brand.


Each brand has a distinct personality and Kristin helps clients connect to that personality in all their brand and marketing collateral from the functional (like an annual report) to the indulgent (like the box of your artisanal chocolates).


By creating a unified tone, the personality of your brand will shine through on all platforms and make you proud of what you say to the world (and, I don’t know about you, but I know I contact/hire the people and companies with the nice branding first.)


A brand is your first impression. Your first introduction to the world.

It’s you saying “hello!” and giving people clues about who you are and what you stand for.It’s a visual representation of who your brand is.


By building a brand with me, you are distilling your 500 word origin story and proudly infusing it into your logo and every piece of supporting marketing materials.



Unique, custom brand solutions stand the test of time and build a sense of trust between you and your customers. A full brand build includes:

Logo Design

Colour Palette

Brand Standards & Guidelines

Stationery Packages

Do you have something special in mind that isn’t mentioned here? A giant inflatable for your building? A poutine-scented lip balm?  I’d love to hear it and find a way to make it work for your brand.

graphic design

Every business needs a go-to design pro, that special someone who can create something for you when you need it. I’m an expert at creating visually appealing and compelling designs that you will be proud to share (because even if an annual report sounds boring, it doesn’t have to look boring).

This includes things like:

Publication Design

Annual Reports

Book Design

Advertising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns



Murals and large scale graphics


about me.

I began my journey with a diploma in Visual Communications, majoring in Design & Illustration, from MacEwan University. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, ranging from in-house to agency to the studio, and now running my own business, chances are, your circumstances won’t surprise me because I’ve seen it all. Whether you’re a one-person business or a large-scale team, I have a sense of how you operate, what you need from a designer, and how I can translate my expertise into creating something magical for you.


I am well-rounded, a strong communicator, and have built my career as a specialist in creating compelling brand, print, and packaging design for maximum impact.


I believe your brand should fit like your favourite pair of pants. You look forward to when you get to wear them, because they aren’t too tight, the hem is juuuust right, and you look and feel your best.

I have the tools and experience to give each client the personalized design they seek. I want every client to end up with the best final product possible. Great ideas deserve great design.



office hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm

Note: for the most prompt and thorough reply for new work inquiries, email is recommended.

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